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Our goal has always been to provide quality graphic design services at reasonable prices. We strive to maintain a balance between affordability and operating a viable profitable business, while taking care of our employees at the same time.

Policy Statement

Regular Hourly Design Rate ...

Business Clients .... $67.50 / hour
Non-Profit Organizations ... $60.00 / hour

We prefer payment by company check, but accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, via Paypal.

  • Printing and other third-party expenses are quoted for each individual project and provided as a separate item on your invoice.
  • Shipping and postage are invoiced to you at our actual cost. We rarely apply a handling charge, and would do so only if extensive packaging were necessary. Many projects are drop-shipped from vendors directly to your location to save time and money.
  • Local Installation Rate ... $35.00 / hour per person
  • Research, sketches, consultation, idea sessions, samples, rough drafts, and design concepts are billed at our regular design rate per employee participating. We do work at your request and bill accordingly.
  • Please feel free to contact Craig McDowall if you have any additional questions, 970-405-2160 or 443-877-8363.

Download a copy of our Policy Statement in a PDF format


We accept major credit cards

Anvil Graphics

443-877-8363 in Maryland
970-405-2160 in Colorado

Please Find us on Facebook at #anvilgraphics (where we more frequently post new work samples.

and at Alignable, in the Perryville, MD region

Skype: anvilgraphics

Anvil Graphics serves clients nationwide.

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